27 April 2011

Baked: Chocolate Chip Cookies

 The first recipe I tried from Baked was their basic chocolate chip cookies. I had an afternoon free but was pretty tired so wanted to try something fairly familiar and also something snacky rather than a dessert.

It must be said they turned out very nicely although the recipe was more wordy and lengthy than cookie recipes I've used in the past. There were a lot of instructions about mixing various ingredients that could have been summed up in far less words. It seems as though they're catering for unconfident bakers but I can't help feeling that most of the recipes aren't really for unconfident bakers so they end up just frustrating everyone else.

My ongoing trauma with American cups reared its ugly head as well. I get that they work well for dry ingredients but oh my goodness, the ridiculousness of smooshing butter into a cup only to scrape it out again when you could just measure it on some electric scales seems time-consuming and imprecise. I am going to have to get used to it though. And you need different cups for liquids!

The recipe suggested chilling the cookie dough for 6 hours which I must admit I totally ignored. I assumed the reason for this was so you could easily slice cookie rounds to bake but I did not have the time and wanted cookies to eat so I put them straight in the oven. They cooked in slightly under the estimated time but I often have this issue with my oven.

They came out lovely and golden on the outside with a nice crunch and soft middle. Next time I will probably try chilling the dough to see if it makes a difference although I was pretty happy with them. The dough is easy to shape on a baking tray without it being chilled.

Recipe Rating: 8/10 for being a great recipe without being extraordinary and for too many words!

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