3 April 2011

Baked: New Frontiers in Baking

This will, at some point in the distant future and probably not in 2011, become part of a Cannonball Read but it is actually part of a different challenge.

Inspired by things such as Julie & Julia and various similar projects I am going to try to bake every recipe in this book.  I'm not setting myself a time limit as it's purpose is to discover some new recipes, to improve my baking skills and to have fun. I'm fairly into cooking and particularly baking so we shall see!There are 92 recipes in the book (including some recipes for drinks) so there's no way I could reasonably do this in a year as that is already nearly two recipes a week and I no way have time or occasion for that. So this is a long term project.

I asked my Mum for this book for Christmas after one of my frequent Amazon trawls of various cookery books. I love recipe books and I enjoy reading them as much as cooking from them. I own a lot of cookery books and actually rarely cook from most of them. This is an American book with American measurements (I'm sure you will hear plenty about my frustrations with cups!) and has lots of exciting and fairly unique recipes. The few I've tried so far have all had similar results: amazing concept, really tasty but I've had to play around with the measurements a bit and felt that the wording of the recipes isn't as helpful as it could be. I don't know if this the style recipes are written in in America or what but it hasn't been arduous enough to stop me wanting to try more.

So this does vaguely fall under a theme of books in that I am baking my way through a book but I am aiming to upload photos and mini reviews of each recipe alongside my Cannonball reviews.

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