5 May 2011

Baked: Chocolate Malteser Cake

 I made the chocolate Malteser cake to take round to a friends one evening and it was successful in taste if not in shape - the hot weather rather scuppered the cakes ability to stay straight and upright!

The cake itself was fairly straightforward, the recipe suggested using Ovaltine which has some cocoa in it which was lovely but I think I will try Horlicks next time for a malty, less chocolatey flavour as the cake wasn't malty enough for it to be obviously Malteser flavoured. The frosting came out rather runny, possibly something to do with the very hot weather as much as anything else, it was ok after a little icing sugar and some extra time in the fridge.

Assembling the three layers of cake proved to be challenging. One of the cakes had cracked slightly coming out of the tin and this crack got worse when it was sandwiched with icing on the bottom layer. The overheating icing squelched out from the layers and made the cake layers slide around on top of each other. After half an hour in the fridge I managed to neaten up the layers and ice the cake fairly neatly. Unfortunately after a forty-minute car journey everything got very warm and the frosting started melting and leaking out of the cake tin (which was being used upside down to ease cake insertion and removal!). The layers had slid around a little so it looked rather like a cake a child had made.

 I also whacked a whole party sized bag of Maltesers on the top instead of the tasteful ring suggested in the book, mainly to highlight that its supposed to be a Maltesers cake but they went down well. The cake tasted amazing, and it tasted even better the next day straight from the fridge. One to make on a cool day!

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