14 May 2011

Baked: Peanut Butter Pie

The recipe is written as a 9" tart and I've tried it as that in the past but this time I made mini-tarts for a dinner party dessert so I wanted it to look a little more classy and elegant. This is pretty much one of my favourite dessert recipes and a must for peanut butter fans, although needless to say you won't like it if you don't like peanut butter! It's made with a Oreo biscuit crust and is just scrummy as well as easy to make.

The crust is made with chocolate wafer cookies which I believe you can get easily in the US, however the closest thing we seem to have here is the biscuit part of Oreos which means scraping the cream out of the middle of loads of Oreos! They're then blended with melted butter and a little bit of golden syrup and then the mixture is pressed into tart tins and chilled. A layer of melted chocolate and golden syrup is 'painted' on and then frozen.

The filling is made from a whole host of unhealthy goodness - whipped cream, peanut butter, cream cheese, brown sugar, vanilla and golden syrup which is basically just whipped up together. This is tipped into the tart cases and then frozen for a few hours. Freezing the tarts make them seem lighter as it becomes like a frozen mousse/ice cream and makes it even more yummy than eating the mix unfrozen (which I did a fair bit of!). I grated a bit of dark chocolate on top as well to make it look pretty although frustratingly I didn't take any photos of the final product as I was wrapped up in getting it served. It will be made again though so will post some photos then.

The recipe comes with a dark chocolate fudge sauce recipe which really adds to it as the dark bitter chocolate contrasts really well with the super-sweet, creamy tart. It's also really easy to make and would work well with loads of other puddings.

This a great recipe and went down really well at the dinner party - people were a bit sceptical about a peanut butter pie but said it was spectacular. It's so easy to make but unique and just super tasty! Worth getting the Baked book for this!

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