29 June 2011

Food Blogging

So I've abandoned my Baked plan in favour of just blogging about anything particularly interesting/successful/tasty/disastrous that I cook. I got a wonderful book for my birthday that I'd been after for a while called Sky High which is a book of three tier cakes which some really original recipes which I'm quite excited about getting started on. I'm going to make the peanut butter and dark chocolate cake this weekend so whilst I'm still going to be trying plenty of recipes from Baked, I'm widening my scope for what recipes I blog about!

I love reading food blogs. Some of my favourites are:
Smitten Kitchen (http://smittenkitchen.com/)
Desserts for Breakfast (http://www.dessertsforbreakfast.com/)
What Katie Ate (http://www.whatkatieate.blogspot.com/)
The Boy Who Bakes (http://theboywhobakes.co.uk/)

I'd like to include more food related posts as I'm really into cooking, particularly baking which is my other love alongside books so hopefully I'll be able to feature both.

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