7 November 2011

The Red House Children's Book Award

The shortlist for this prize has been announced and I think looks like the best for a few years...

- A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness - you can read my glowing review here
- My Sister Lives on the Mantepiece by Anabel Pitcher - my very positive review is here
- Grace by Morris Gleitzman which I haven't read yet but should be appearing very soon.

Edit: Review for Grace is now up here.

My favourite has to be A Monster Calls but I think this is a very strong shortlist and whilst I think Ness is in a class of its own, I wouldn't be to angry if any of them won.


  1. Two of those are on my Summer reading shelf at the moment, and I just requested Grace. I haven't read Gleitzman before but have been meaning to pick one up.

  2. All three are really worth reading, really good shortlist... the best for a while from Red House.