13 March 2013

CKG Twitter Shadowing Schedule

To give us all a little structure and so people don't have to rely on being on Twitter at the right point to see what we're reading next I thought I'd do a very simple schedule. I've given us a week or two to get hold of books and start reading so we can keep up once we get going, I've also slotted in two weeks for Kate Greenaway discussion for those of us who are shadowing that as well. For Carnegie I've just gone alphabetical by author to try and resist the urge to give my favourites the star slots, if there are such things.

I thought for the last two weeks we could separate out our personal favourites and who we think will win because often these are two very different books and I think it's great to have the opportunity to discuss the ones we really loved without reference to winning or judging criteria and just celebrate discovering such awesome stuff before getting into the nitty gritty of what we think is going to actually win.

So TweetCKG will be happening roughly on Wednesdays but hopefully chat can continue ad infinitum or as people are online etc. I'll probably post an introductory tweet on Wednesdays with some of my thoughts and some of the talking points from the shadowing website. Remember to use the #tweetckg hashtag, whoever you are replying to, so I can keep track of discussions as I'm planning on using Storify to chart each week's chat.

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