14 April 2013

Teen Review: Geek Girl by Holly Smale

I have some wonderful students and some of them have very kindly agreed to write me some reviews of
books they've read recently. I thought it would be interesting to feature some reviews from the actual intended audience of some of the young adult books that I read and review. First up is the charming and funny Geek Girl by Holly Smale, which I reviewed here.

From here on, the words are all by Frances who is in Year 8:

Geek Girl is a brilliant book that shows dreams do come true; even if the dream isn't yours. Harriet is a self-confessed geek. She knows it, and so does everyone at her school - it's a shame that no one else, except possibly her stalker Toby, appreciates facts like, "Bluebirds can't see the colour blue."

When her best friend Nat invites her to the Clothes Show, one disastrous thing leads to another and Harriet ends up being scouted by a top modelling agency. They is when you start to feel sympathy for both characters because it's Nat's dream to be a model and Harriet's pursuing it - Harriet has stolen her best friend's dream by accident.

If you life was terrible and you got the opportunity to change it, would you? Harriet would. Harriet and her risk-taking Dad are whisked off to Moscow (by the nickname-giving Wilbur), and there it begins - Harriet's "New Life". However, when she gets back to England she is greeted by her bully Alexa threatening her, Annabel, her step-mum seems to have left, and Nat apparently hates her guts. Everything seems to be ruined, but Harriet luckily uses her intelligence to make some sense of it all.

I really loved reading Geek Girl as it was something I could really get into and Holly Smale's writing makes you really feel for the characters in every situation. Harriet was a really well written character (like all of them) and she was a heroine that I could root for and that was just one of the things that made it such a good book! Geek Girl was easy to read but still had a good, interesting story to it and it is one of my favourite books!

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